Countertop Water Purifiers

Countertop water purifiers are a convenient way to enjoy clean, healthy drinking water without the cost and waste of bottled water. They use various filtration methods such as carbon, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis to remove harmful contaminants from tap water.


The top pick in this category uses a three-filter design that reduces contaminants at the molecular level. Its sleek design attaches easily to a faucet and takes up very little countertop space.

How to Choose a Countertop Water Filter

There are a lot of options for countertop water filters, including pitchers, faucet systems, and gravity filter designs. Choosing the right one for your home depends on factors like filter size and capacity, filtration speed, and features such as remineralization stages that improve tap water taste and offer added health benefits.

Before you start shopping, know what pollutants are in your water to help you narrow down the choices. You can find out from your local water utility’s annual report or have it tested by a lab.

You’ll also want to think about the filtration method used – for example, sediment, coconut shell carbon, KDF, or ion exchange – and which contaminants the filter can remove. Then, make sure the certifications and capacities match your needs.

Most countertop systems sit on the kitchen counter, so their appearance is important to consider. You’ll want a design that fits well with your space and decor, especially if you plan to keep it on display. Some countertop systems connect directly to the faucet and dispense water, while others use a reservoir that must be filled manually.

Finally, consider whether you want a system that can work with your current faucet or whether you’ll need to invest in a different type of sink adaptor. Some countertop systems also require a power source and can’t be used without it.

Types of Contaminants Removed by Countertop Water Filters

Using a countertop water filter at home can help you decontaminate tap drinking water from harmful chemicals and sediments that can affect taste, quality, and your health. Water filters also reduce waste by removing the need to buy bottled water, which can contribute to plastics in landfills and oceans. A good countertop water filter removes contaminants like lead, fluoride, arsenic, and heavy metals from your water, making it safe to drink and ensuring a clean, healthy supply of drinking water for you and your family.

Unlike pitcher or faucet-mounted filters that need to be filled, countertop models work in real time, filtering your water as it flows through the system. The systems are also easy to use, with installation that is non-permanent and simple. Many come with detailed, image-guided instructions and video walkthroughs that make the process of installing and replacing the filter a breeze. Most of the countertop water filters CR tested have a lifespan of six months or 1,500 gallons, and most include a built-in reminder that lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter.

The top countertop water filtration systems are inexpensive, easy to install and use, and effective at reducing the number of contaminants in drinking water. However, they aren’t a solution for everyone, and you may need to invest in a more comprehensive system if you have specific issues with the water you drink.

Countertop Water Filters that Remove Fluoride

Most water filters only remove a small amount of fluoride, but if you need one that’s capable of removing significant amounts, consider this three-canister system from APEC. It removes fluoride, chlorine, and offers extra broad-spectrum protection against chemical and organic contaminants, including drugs, hormones, MTBE, and more. You’ll also enjoy a lower noise level and easy maintenance with this system.

This countertop filter uses reverse osmosis to filter water, which is considered the most effective method of removing fluoride. This system is designed to be used with a refrigerator that can store the filtered water, but it can also be connected to a counter or other surface. If you’re looking for a countertop system that can effectively remove fluoride and other harmful toxins, this is the best option available.

Another reverse osmosis countertop water filter is this model from AquaTru. It features a unique system that uses a semi-permeable membrane to separate water molecules from contaminants. It’s able to remove up to 2000% more contaminants than traditional pitchers, making it the best countertop fluoride water filter for those who want an effective way to purify their drinking water. This model also reduces other contaminants, such as lead, chlorine, and chromium 6, which makes it a great choice for families who want to make sure they’re getting the highest quality water possible.

Countertop Water Filters that Remove Arsenic

Arsenic in drinking water is extremely dangerous, and there are a number of countertop filters available to remove it. Arsenic is a carcinogen that causes bladder, lung, and skin cancer, and it can also cause heart and blood vessel problems, kidney problems, and difficulty with thinking and learning. There is no safe level of arsenic in drinking water, and the long-term effects of even low levels are serious.

There are two types of arsenic in groundwater – arsenic 3 and arsenic 5. The more common form, arsenic 3, comes from natural sources like rocks and soil, and it can also come from human activities, such as irrigation or leaching. Arsenic 3 becomes arsenic 5 when it is oxidized by chlorine in drinking water, which can happen with public water systems that use chlorine for disinfection.

Countertop water filters that remove arsenic work by using different filtering processes. Some remove arsenic by adsorption, where granular iron-impregnated resin (like KDF or ion exchange) captures it in its pores. Others use oxidation or ion exchange to filter out arsenic. These types of filters require regular filter replacement since the resin can be exhausted over time.

The best countertop filters for arsenic will be those that combine multiple filtering stages to ensure that all forms of arsenic are removed from your drinking water. They should also offer a good warranty and be easy to install and use. Before purchasing any countertop water filter, you should test your drinking water to see what contaminants it contains. There are many test kits available online and in stores that will help you determine what contaminants are in your drinking water.