Things to Consider Before Ordering a Cake

Whether you’re ordering a custom-designed cake or a traditional made-to-order cake, there are some things you must consider before placing your order. From the flavor of the cake to the size, there are many factors to consider before settling on a cake. Consider the taste preferences of the guests of honor to ensure that your guests will be happy with 케이크주문제작

Custom cakes

If you are planning to celebrate a special occasion, you can order a custom cake. It can be made in a favourite flavour or colour, with a heartfelt message or a bouquet of flowers. Often, custom cakes are the centrepiece of a party. With Airtasker, you can find someone to do the job.

When you order a custom cake, you will likely need to spend some time discussing the options with the baker. Wedding cakes, for example, are usually very elaborate and require a consultation. While this may seem like an unnecessary step, don’t forget that the bakery manager’s time is valuable.

Getting a consultation from a customer

When you order a cake, getting a consultation from a customer is crucial. It allows you to get an idea of the cake that they would like and also helps you set your price. Typically, this consultation will include a basic price that will let the client know how much the cake will cost before they start adding things to the cake. Some clients have strict budgets and may need to increase their budget, so it’s important to give them some basic information so that they can make a decision.

A consultation usually lasts one hour and involves an in-person meeting with the customer and decorator. During this time, the decorator will sketch out possible design options for the cake and show the customer a sketch of the proposed order. Because consultations require a considerable amount of time and resources, many bakers fear that a consultation fee will scare off potential customers.

Price of a wedding cake

A wedding cake’s cost depends on many factors. Its design and size affect the cost, as more tiers mean more time and ingredients. Also, cakes with intricate lacework or unusual shapes require more skill and time to make. Premium ingredients and specialty flavors can drive up the cost. Extras, like fondant and layers, can add to the overall price, as well.

The size of a wedding cake can vary from $20 to $190, depending on the flavors and the number of layers and fillings. Choosing a single-tier cake can save you at least $40 per slice, but you may have to pay extra for a display stand. Additionally, a sheet cake can be a cheaper alternative if you want a small, personal wedding cake that is suitable for photos and serving the wedding party.

Size of a wedding cake

The size of a wedding cake can vary depending on the number of guests. If there are only a few people attending the ceremony, a two-tiered cake is a great option. A two-tiered cake typically includes 40-60 slices. However, if you’d like to include more guests, a three-tiered cake is also a good choice.

The wedding cake is often the cherry on top of the wedding reception. In fact, the cake is often the second thing your guests will notice after the bride. It’s a symbol, tradition, and decoration that reflects your wealth and status. The size of your wedding cake also has an impact on the type of decorations you choose.